Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


After being away for a while, I am not sure this is the best WPC comeback for me, for as much as I have tried, it’s just impossible to make a picture of an uncooked pig’s leg any artistic, or even less unattractive. I’m sorry for presenting you the raw stuff this week – my entry – a pig’s leg, unprocessed.

As Cheri correctly pointed out, photographs tell stories, so do museums. This piece of exhibit was on display in the Singapore Pranakan Museum, unfolding the wedding ritual of Pranakan Chinese, along with many other interesting objects.

For your information my dear reader, Pranakan means ‘descendants of…’, and in a multicultural society like Malaysia or Singapore, it indicates one’s ancestry roots and cultural background.

Back to the object itself, pigs have always been important sacrifices in Chinese religious life, they would be offered to various gods and goddesses on numerous occasions. In this circumstance, a pig leg is part of the gifts to the bride’s family from the groom’s, acknowledging they were receiving a virginal bride, a status was crucial to a girl’s reputation and her family’s.

By the way, the bride’s family would cut off a small piece of the pig’s leg and return of the rest to the groom’s family, a gesture of being courteous and also hoping the new family would look after their beloved daughter.

I was equally surprised and amused by this piece of knowledge, I hope you would find it interesting too.

Wish you all a nice week ahead! x