Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

I have always been wanting to write about Macau, but I had started few times, deleted few times, and nothing I have produced so far. Thank to this week’s photo challenge, I can finally show you a glimpse of Macau that I love.

You would have seen this before – the Ruins of St Paul’s, it’s on every tourism poster of Macau, it is synonymous with Macau.

In the heart of the old city of Macau stands the great carved stone facade of St. Paul’s, which, with the grand staircase, are all that remain of the first church and colleague of the Jesuits in China. Designed by an Italian Jesuits, with the assistance of Japanese Christian stonemasons, who had fled persecution in Japan, the church was built in the early 17th century. In 1835 a fire destroyed all but the facade, which illustrates the history of Christinanity in Asia and incorporates Bilicial quotations in Chinese and Japanese chrysanthemums as well bronze statues of the missionary saints.

Each day thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this “miracle” survived not only the disastrous fire but the lapse of time as well. I am not quite when this romantic statue was installed in front of the St Paul’s, but I thought it does add a bit of love and romance to this monument of the City’s rich heritage and bright future.

p.s.: Lotus is the flower of Macau

20140415-175014.jpgphoto challenge: monument


Weekly Photo Challenge: selfie

I’m camera shy. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than posing in front of a camera. This is probably the best I could do for a selfie – the shadow casted on a sand dune, a tiny being in this vast world, leaving a forgettable trace while passing through… I took this photo when I visited Dunhuang in northwest China 3 weeks ago, traveling solo as usual.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


After being away for a while, I am not sure this is the best WPC comeback for me, for as much as I have tried, it’s just impossible to make a picture of an uncooked pig’s leg any artistic, or even less unattractive. I’m sorry for presenting you the raw stuff this week – my entry – a pig’s leg, unprocessed.

As Cheri correctly pointed out, photographs tell stories, so do museums. This piece of exhibit was on display in the Singapore Pranakan Museum, unfolding the wedding ritual of Pranakan Chinese, along with many other interesting objects.

For your information my dear reader, Pranakan means ‘descendants of…’, and in a multicultural society like Malaysia or Singapore, it indicates one’s ancestry roots and cultural background.

Back to the object itself, pigs have always been important sacrifices in Chinese religious life, they would be offered to various gods and goddesses on numerous occasions. In this circumstance, a pig leg is part of the gifts to the bride’s family from the groom’s, acknowledging they were receiving a virginal bride, a status was crucial to a girl’s reputation and her family’s.

By the way, the bride’s family would cut off a small piece of the pig’s leg and return of the rest to the groom’s family, a gesture of being courteous and also hoping the new family would look after their beloved daughter.

I was equally surprised and amused by this piece of knowledge, I hope you would find it interesting too.

Wish you all a nice week ahead! x


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

This is a rather late entry, however I’m glad I still have the opportunity to share with you what have caught my eye, and mind.

Recently I visited Singapore Biennale – If the World Changed. Among many inspiring exhibits, I found this one suits the theme of the week the best.

The title of the exhibit is ‘Waiting Room’. I am going to quote the visit guide: “Waiting Room echoes the many episodes of ‘waiting’ faced by transgender persons, such as waiting for a family’s acceptance, for the legalization of official personal documents, and for confirmation of and acceptance into regular employment. The installation is constructed to mimic a typical clinic, presenting an all-too-familiar journey in the lives if transgender persons as they undergo various phases of constructive surgery, before what is considered the defining procedure: gender reassignment surgery. The chairs, pamphlets and posters are imprinted with drawings and messages, appealing for public openness and understanding while sharing the complexities of the situations faced by the community.”

Thank you Shieko Reto.


Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected

On a whim I went to Jordan early last year, until today I wish I stayed longer. With no doubt Petra was absolute the highlight of the trip, for 3 days I was in the ancient city from dawn to dusk, wandered among temples and shrines, and lost in history and heritage. I can’t remember where exactly I found this little figuring of roman solider, standing between rocks, quietly. I was not sure how long he had been there, and I am not sure if he is still there. If you are visiting Petra in the near future, maybe you will meet him too at a turn of stairs.

Have a good week ahead.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Usually when I saw the subject of Weekly Photo Challenge I knew immediately which photo I would submit, but this time I was stumped. There are a few things make up my daily routine, however, capturing them in a photograph is not easy. I was thinking about it when I wondered down streets in Singapore (by the way, exploring a city on foot is a habit of mine when I travel), a sign caught my attention – ‘red dot design museum’, without thinking twice I entered the eye catching building (and popping in museums on trips is another hard-to-break habit of mine), it was there that I found inspiration for this week’s challenge.

For those don’t know me, I’m obsessed with packing things in to containers, I have a bag in my handbag for daily essentials – keys, wallet, notepad, pens, and phones, etc. I have a pouch for coins, another pouch for cosmetics, and another for chargers, wires, and earphones. The same applies for work and home: everything has a container – all remote controls go to one basket, all magazines go to another, DVDs would be packed in boxes, stationeries are in various holders, paper in folders…. Even for those things usually strewed around, I would find another box to be their home…

My life is packed in various containers, whether it’s a box, a basket, a case, or – Tupperware.

Yes, Tupperware. The ubiquitous colorful plastic containers, that organizes my life, your life, and every other family’s life, is my answer to this week’s photo challenge.

Wish you all a good week ahead.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I took this photo after an hour of boxing training session, as a matter of fact, it was my first boxing session. I used to think boxing was all violence, after that session I started to see the sport with new respect. Anyway right there I was exhausted yet excited, gym attendant kindly brought me freshly brewed ginger tea, steaming with soothing fragrance, paired with the arrangement of floating rose petals. Fresh was how I felt there and then.