Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Usually when I saw the subject of Weekly Photo Challenge I knew immediately which photo I would submit, but this time I was stumped. There are a few things make up my daily routine, however, capturing them in a photograph is not easy. I was thinking about it when I wondered down streets in Singapore (by the way, exploring a city on foot is a habit of mine when I travel), a sign caught my attention – ‘red dot design museum’, without thinking twice I entered the eye catching building (and popping in museums on trips is another hard-to-break habit of mine), it was there that I found inspiration for this week’s challenge.

For those don’t know me, I’m obsessed with packing things in to containers, I have a bag in my handbag for daily essentials – keys, wallet, notepad, pens, and phones, etc. I have a pouch for coins, another pouch for cosmetics, and another for chargers, wires, and earphones. The same applies for work and home: everything has a container – all remote controls go to one basket, all magazines go to another, DVDs would be packed in boxes, stationeries are in various holders, paper in folders…. Even for those things usually strewed around, I would find another box to be their home…

My life is packed in various containers, whether it’s a box, a basket, a case, or – Tupperware.

Yes, Tupperware. The ubiquitous colorful plastic containers, that organizes my life, your life, and every other family’s life, is my answer to this week’s photo challenge.

Wish you all a good week ahead.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. This one – I think – is a particularly good interpretation of this week’s challenge. I love the colours, the composition, and especially the impact of this mass of containers – it makes me see and feel a sense of “habit”. (Sorry I have no better way of putting this into words – pictures and language are so often incompatible … wic hsi generally good.)

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